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Old R12 refrigerant lines are usually soaked in old R12 oil, and are "mostly" impermeable to R134a molecules, which are MUCH smaller and will leak through newly manufactured R12 type hoses. In fact, it's probably hard to find real "R12 type" hoses, as everyone has added a barrier in refrigerant hose to prevent R134a molecule seepage..

I was considering doing an r12 to r134 conversion on a Benz so researched it out: 1. If possible, replace hoses with r134 impermeable type. R12 systems use a different type of hose. If you can use retrofit to available R134 hoses, that would be recommended. 2. Completely flush system of all mineral oil. 3.The conversion of R12 to R134a refrigerant is according to a formula. Applying this formula will convert the value of the original R12 charge to the R134a charge. You can begin the formula in pounds by multiplying the R12 charge value by .75. When the scales are in point story .25 or .5 increments, it is adjusted to the highest quality.

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Griffiths offers Kuehl R134a air conditioning Conversion Kits for your Porsche 924s, 944, 951, and 968 models. Our kits start with basic conversion without a drier and our preferred deluxe kit includes a new drier. Porsche 924s-944-951-968 R134a Conversion Kits.well since the fox bodies were not designed for r134a they do not have a high pressure switch, since 134a runs at higher pressures your system will cycle less. the general rule of thumb when converting is 70-80 percent of the r12 capacity. its been a while so i dont remember what the r12 capacity is so you are going to have todo the math.Not debating which is better, This is what I do/did since I am not licensed to use R12 and it is pretty easy to do. I Just converted a car to 134 for a friend a few weeks ago. This was the cost of materials and this was using the original A6 compressor in a 78 Olds Cutlass. R134:- $26.

【PREMIUM QUALITY】 - R12 to R134A retrofit fast conversion adapter kit are made of high quality metal and plastic, solid construction for high heat resistance, durability and safety. 【EASY INSTALLATION】 - R12 to R134A retro fit fittings connect to the thread for use with the valve, there is a removable schrader valves., fitted with a designed for r134a have bigger condensers to cater for r134a. Different oil, different hose specs. I can go on, but it really is just a waste of effort, money and time to convert to r134a, and it will never cool as well as r12 in an r12 system design. Period. Maintain your r12 unless it is completely ruined.Wondering how to convert a Visa gift card to cash? Read our tips for making the most out of an unwanted present. Wondering how to convert a Visa gift card to cash? Read our tips fo...Griffiths' 928, R134a Conversion Kit, 1978-1986 - Deluxe includes all the basic items you will need to convert your 928 from R12 to R134a refrigerant, plus a new drier. Fits these Applications. The Kuehl Deluxe R134a conversion kit includes. We have been using ester type refrigerant oil in our conversion kits for the past 10 years.The only mechanical differences between an R12 system and an R134a system are that R134a systems mostly have larger condensers and are more strong compressors. This is mainly because R134a doesn’t cool down as well and quickly and needs a larger space to dissipate heat and is charged to higher pressures. When you are …

Evaporator may work (metal is metal), but there is a needle like (on most cars) device, aka expansion valve/tube/orifice that regulates the flow of freon into the evaporator. R12 and 134 have diff weights, so, may or may not work better with diff freon.The DeLorean needs 2.2 pounds of R12, but due to how R134a works you only need 2 pounds. However, you can't get everything out of each one pound can -- pressures equalize, so you'll generally have an ounce in the can, plus some in the gauges and manifolds, some in the lines, you get the idea. ... Converting the A/C from R12 to R134a: Parts and ... ….

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It is illegal to convert an R12 or 134a system to 1234yf. The industry has no tests or published information to establish cooling performance, reliability, compatibility, or an assessment of chemical damage to a system’s lubricant seals and hoses. And the EPA has approved the new 1234yf refrigerant only for new vehicles with systems designed ...BUT, you will need a 90 degree for the low side, (ill send a link for it if you do this). Then vacuum the system for 30 minutes, and fill with 51 oz. of R134a. This is 85% of the amount the system calls for R12. 4 of the little cans of R134a is 52 oz., (they are 13 oz. each) so that is what I used.Rebuild suction throttling valve. Install 134a charge port adapters. Charge with 134a between 70-80% of the original R12 charge amount. Note: Suction throttling valve will need to be adjusted during the charging process to properly adjust the low side bypass pressure to 20psi. Replace any o-rings with 134a compatible.

Found the conversion kit with the fittings and the neutralizer oil for $20 and cans of 134a for $5. R12 is still on the shelf but you need the cert to buy and they cost $35. So for the cost of the kit and the 134a is the cost of 1 can of r12. I hope it goes well. 1979 Monte Carlo with a 400hp+ 350ci.Feb 1, 2021 · Steps To Convert R-12 to R-134a. Take the vehicle to a repair shop licensed for A/C work that can evacuate the system of R-12 and recover it properly. Using an A/C flush kit, flush the evaporator and condenser to remove any remaining mineral oil in the system. Empty oil from the compressor and flush oil from high-pressure and suction lines.And two addaptors to screw onto you factory A/C lines, $10.00 ( for the 134 charging hoses) When you charge your A/C system. Whatever the factory charge is. REMEMBER R-134 has a different expansion rate than R-12, So you use LESS. To get it to function and be just fine, You MUST go with the 80-Per.Cent charge.

interstate 85 accident The refrigerate oil in the system has to be compatible with the freon used, so if a system is converted to 134a it needs the correct amount compatible oil added. Also 134a does not start cooling as quickly as 12. Freon 12 is probably still available, but it is very expensive. accuweather wisconsin dellsis safeway open christmas eve Properly recovered the R12, flushed the lines, replaced the receiver/dryer, installed R134 ports, and refilled with R134. BMW actually sells a conversion kit that includes the ports, etc. BMW also has instructions for converting which states that certain R12 Compressors are not compatible with the higher pressures of R134a.NA Miata AC - R12 to R134a. Hi, I have a 93 miata which has AC in it but has not been functioning ever since I got it. I am planning to change the seals and fill up new R134a refrigerant. Now the question I have is. How do I know if the compressor is for r12 or r134a refrigerant. If it is for r12 refrigerant would it be a problem if I use r134a ... lincoln pro cut 55 If you have a professional convert the R12 to R134a, you may spend about $250 for the entire service. However, this is much more cost-effective than replacing the entire air conditioning system. If you were thinking about getting an R134a system installed, your cost would be around $2,000 to $4,000. Usually, … See more w56 transmission for saleandro corp industrieslowes hardwood boards OZMAN: I believe 1994 was the first year the federal government mandated the R134a system to be used on ALL new vehicles in the US. However some manufacturers started using R134a prior to 1994. Im not certain if your 1993 is 134a or not though. If I were a betting man, Id say you have a R12 system. [Modified by VetteNoob, 8:56 AM 7/23/2002] unemployment sign in nyc The most important thing when converting to 134, is that you MUST make sure to put the system into a complete vacuum (30"Hg) to burn off the moisture and residue from the old r-12. I suggest finding a shop that won't charge too much to reclaim the R-12 from the system and suck it down into a vacuum. Install kits can be purchased at … fix windshield wiper linkageair cleaner filter boxcost to replace an alternator Feb 24, 2023 · Step 5. Step 5 requires connecting the high and low port adapters and recharging the air conditioning system with R134a refrigerant. After doing the final step, make sure that everything works well and you are good to go. That’s how R12 to R134a conversion is done professionally.